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Reach For The Lasers

You'd be astounded at how far laser technology has come along over the past few years, and the Laserworld range is a shining example of this!

Lasers have always been seen as the icing on the cake for any light show, however they have also got a reputation for being an expensive luxury. Thankfully the latter of these two statements is no longer the case. For lower budgets previously unachievable it is now possible to get striking lasers with professional features such as full colour with analogue modulation, DMX, ultra high speed galvos producing silky smooth patterns and animations, and ILDA laptop control allowing any image to be projected including logos and text.

All this adds up to spectacular effects that will put your show on the map, taking your audience's breath away without taking all your cash.

For further information, or to join the Laserworld revolution simply click HERE


For further information, to book a demonstration, or place an order, please contact us on 01483 50 21 21 or at